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Last Revision: 06 September 2015

In general, we allow you to use your hosting account to perform activities which are constituted as LEGAL by the laws of the Republic of Singapore (Singapore) unless stated otherwise.  

SPAM (Sending Unsolicited Email), Phishing, and Fraud 

You may not perform any of these activities. 
The offender will have their service suspended until valid explanation is provided. 
Abusive servers are determined based on public blacklist monitors, abuse reporting from external networks, and other means. 
If our abuse department receives a report or otherwise becomes aware of abuse-related activities active on our network, we will identify the server the abuse was initially sent from (via the IP address(es), and, in some cases by domain) and create a ticket on behalf of the user who occupies the server with information regarding the abuse such as logs describing the abuse and an explanation of what abuse took place. 

When OneHosting, or it's provider(s), receives any abuse, spam, phishing, fraud complaints, the standard procedure taken is: 

An abuse ticket in the Client Area is opened, and it serves as notification that our abuse department has received reports of abuse originating from the server. 
We require a client response to ALL abuse tickets within 24 hours of the ticket being opened. 
Typically no service will be suspended or filtered within the first 24 hours of an abuse ticket being opened. 
If a response is not received within 24 hours, or the server is determined to be abusive (or likely to be abusive in the case of spam blacklistings) after the ticket is opened, our abuse technicians may filter or disable ports or IPs assigned to the server temporarily to prevent further abuse until a response is received. 
If a response has not been received to an abuse ticket within 7 days of being opened, the server is eligible for suspension and may be completely disabled until we receive a response. We reserve the right to assess a $30 fine at this time. 
Habitual neglect of abuse occurring on a client's server may lead to service termination or longer-term port filters as some blacklistings can take several weeks to time out or be removed. 


You may not violate copyrights of any kind. We take violations of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) very seriously.
When we, or any of our upstream provider(s), receive any DMCA complaints, the standard procedure taken is: 

A ticket in the Client Area is opened as a warning, providing 24 hours to resolve the situation. 
After 24 hours with no client response, the server in question will be suspended, or the IP address null-routed. 
At this time, we reserve the right to assess a $30 fine. 
After 7 days of being suspended and the issue not having been resolved, services on the server in question will be canceled and an Abuse Charge of $200 will be placed on the account. All client data will be destroyed immediately after the cancellation date. 

Hosting Torrents & Torrent Trackers 

You may not host any illegal torrent or torrent tracker in your hosting account. You are allowed to, however, host LEGAL torrents, such as CentOS, Ubuntu distributions. 
Keep in mind, however, that your hosting of such torrents should not affect service to any other users on our network. 

Hosting Copyrighted Material Without Proper Author's Permission 

You may not host any copyrighted material unless you have obtained proper permission from the author. 

Linking To Illegal Material 

Pages in your site may not link to illegal material or pages with illegal material, even if it's allowed by the law of the country you reside in. 
This includes, but not limited to, warez-linking or illegal files hosted on a 3rd party site (e.g. Rapidshare). 

Using Nulled Scripts

You may not use nulled scripts, under any circumstances, even if it's allowed by the law of the country you reside in.

Violates a script's license 

This includes, but not limited to, removing a script's copyright without proper permission from the author. 


You may not host any material that can be categorized as pornography, including legal pornography. 
You may, however, host art with nudity. 

IRC Usage 

IRC usage shall be allowed, unless it causes interruptions to other users on our network. 

Minecraft / Game Servers

Minecraft, or any other game servers are ALLOWED subject to the monitoring of usage. Should we deem that the usage for your particular account is too high, we reserve the right to request you to terminate the service.

Bandwidth Overages 

The server which has exceeded the bandwidth limit will automatically be suspended. 
Clients agree to pay any and all bandwidth overage charges accrued on their account from the previous billing cycle. 
Bandwidth overage charges are billed per gigabyte at a rate of $0.30 (thirty cents) over the allotted bandwidth on the service. 
OneHosting reserves the right to refuse service for the next month if bandwidth overage is not paid. 
OneHosting is not responsible for spikes in bandwidth that are caused on a client's service for any reason. 
Client assumes liability for all bandwidth to and from their services. 
To avoid service disruption, if client is issued an "expected to exceed bandwidth" notification, clients should start making arrangements, such as purchasing the bandwidth upgrade on the "Product Addons". 

IP Addresses 

Every server starts with a minimum of 1 IP address, with the exception of game servers. 
The IP addresses are the sole proprietary of OneHosting, and may not be transferred to any other host. 
You may be required to provide ARIN / APNIC IP justification forms if ordering more than 5 IP addresses. 
At present, there is no maximum to the number of IP addresses a server can have. 

Acceptable Use

 A short breakdown of the strictly prohibited uses of our services:

  • Hosting Al-Qaeda's site
  • Sending/conducting any form of spam, phishing and/or fraud
  • Violating Intellectual Property laws
  • Pornography
  • Open Proxies
  • Any form of virtual currency (e.g. Bitcoin, *coin) mining
  • Booter/Stresser websites
  • TOR exit nodes
  • IRC Servers

Common uses that have been questioned that are allowed, subject to terms that have been outlined above: 

  • Private Proxies.
  • Web Servers.
  • Game Servers. 
  • Anything that isn't deemed illegal, basically.

Billing Policies 

This section outlines the billing policies we employ. 
No services rendered by OneHosting are eligible for a refund, unless otherwise specified. Prepayments and account credit are ineligible to be refunded, or transferred to alternate accounts. Any and all charge disputes must be reported directly to OneHosting within thirty (30) days of the date which the charge originally occurred. If a charge which is deemed valid by OneHosting, and validated by our Terms of Service or AUP, is disputed to a financial institution by performing a charge-back, then the client agrees to pay an 'Administrative Fee' of S$200 in addition to original amount of funds which were reclaimed. 
If an account is overdue on payments, the following actions are taken:
  • On the first (1st) day past the due date of an invoice, the client shall receive a notice of non-payment, and is reminded to pay the invoice.
  • On the third (3rd) day past the due date of an invoice, all services (regardless of payment) will be suspended, and an administrative 'late fee' of S$5 or 10%, whichever is greater, of the total overdue will be applied to the invoice.
  • On the fifth (5th) day past the due date of an invoice, the client will receive the last payment notification for their services, and services will remain suspended. Past this point, a 24-hour window is allowed for the client to make payments.
  • On the tenth (10th) day past the due date of an invoice, all services listed within the client's account is automatically terminated, and the invoice will be adjusted to reflect the start of the billing period to the date of termination. At this point, files are no longer retrievable from the service that has been rendered.
  • A blacklist is placed on the account, and the client will no longer be able to sign up for new services without first paying for the past due invoices.


The content on this page are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of OneHosting. Notice may or may not be given in these cases. 
A change in policy shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment. 
The client recognizes that the nature of the service supplied and the initial rates and charges have been communicated to the client. 
The client is aware that from time to time rates may change based on availability of hardware, overall market conditions or other factors. 
Clients will be notified of any increases in rates or charges at least 5 days prior to the billing renewal date on which such increases will take effect. 
Violations of any of these rules may cause immediate account suspension or, in extreme cases, termination. 
The suspension period will be determined by us and may vary for different offences. 
During the suspension period, access to your server, hosting account and / or website will be completely blocked. 
Client area access will not be affected. OneHosting reserves the right to refuse services to any client whose account(s) have been fined or terminated for abuse-related activities. If an IP range or IP address has been blacklisted as a result of excessive abuse reports, OneHosting reserves the right to issue a fine of $200 and immediately terminate the service. 

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